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Silgan Dispensing Systems Corp.

501 South 5th Street, 23219 Richmond, VA


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Produktkategorie: Verschlusskappen

MK™ Fine Mist Sprayer

Excellent priming, dose control, quality and atomisation
Tight control of output, spray pattern and particle size
Wide variety of adapters for nasal, oral and topical applications
Drug Master File (DMF)
All pharma-grade materials and pharma GMP control room manufacturing

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Produktkategorie: Verschlusskappen

Aerohead® Plus

Made in Europe, Aerohead® Plus offers the premium aesthetics of Aerohead®, with greater efficiency and sustainability. Its unique, eco-conscious design comes with post-consumer recycled (PCR) options, including the trigger, grip and cap. With its great ergonomics, Aerohead Plus promises a comfortable spraying experience. Best of all, our local supply chain means you can get your products into the hands of consumers faster.

Produced in Europe for faster lead times
Available in PCR
Ergonomic easy-to-use design
Unique aesthetic for shelf differentiation
Low force to actuate that may help reduce finger fatigue
Directional spray enhances user control

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Produktkategorie: Verschlusskappen

Mark VII® Max

The ergonomic Mark VII® Max regular sprayer performs great and is easy to actuate. It is designed for higher viscosity formulations and is ideal for a wide range of home and garden applications. When you need style and quality that create impact, make your mark with Mark VII Max.
Primes high-viscosity products
Outstanding atomization and priming capabilities
Contemporary aesthetics
360° spraying option available
Wide range of spray pattern options

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Über uns


Silgan Dispensing creates dispensing solutions for some of the world’s most iconic brands—from triggers and pumps to sprayers and closures. But more than that, we create better experiences.
Creating better experiences means uncovering consumer preferences and developing meticulously engineered solutions around them that make dispensing cleaner, more comfortable and more efficient.
It means understanding our customers business challenges and tailoring our products to meet their needs in the store, at the factory and on the bottom line.
It means getting their products to market swiftly and securely—no matter where in the world that market exists.
And finally, it means being a good steward through strong sustainability practices and active community involvement.
When you partner with Silgan Dispensing, you partner with a team of more than 3,400 associates across the globe—each one committed to delivering better experiences that move your brand and your business forward.


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