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Produktkategorie: Werkzeuge (z.B. Tablettierwerkzeuge)


 With Senso Control, DIENES has developed a knife holder with depth adjustment that customers have been waiting for a long time. In contrast to conventional knife holders, the overlap depth setting of this knife holder can now be easily and conveniently checked with the help of a LED display. A clever innovation that ensures greater precision and safety, especially when changing knives. In contrast to knife holders with a scale ring for adjustment where it is crucial to know how large the diameter of the knife is, Senso Control has a sensor that automatically registers the knife diameters.

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Produktkategorie: Werkzeuge (z.B. Tablettierwerkzeuge)


Whether circular, straight or rotary shear knives, DIENES offers a regrinding service to maintain the quality of knives. There are several regrinding centers for your knives e. g.  in Poland, USA, France, Germany and China. On CNC/NC machines of the latest generation, the knives are precision ground in certified manufacturer quality. No knife leaves the DIENES service area without comprehensive quality control, which is carried out with the aid of state-of-the-art technology and measuring devices. Upon request, DIENES can provide information on the type of tool wear and tear on the basis of a detailed test report, which enables customers to draw conclusions about the condition of their machine. The ground knives are shipped in special transport boxes, which ensure that the knives always arrive at the customer in perfect condition. The DIENES logistics of the future: On request, we provide our knife boxes with a customer-specific QR code so that the knife data can be read for customers and DIENES at any time. Thus, special data, e.g. the frequency of regrinding and the condition of the knife, can be retrieved at any time.

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Produktkategorie: Werkzeuge (z.B. Tablettierwerkzeuge)

Constant side load (CSL) technology

The innovative CSL technology from DIENES ensures a greater efficiency and sustainability in industrial slitting. The new knife holder heads with integrate CSL technology are able to reduce the cutting forces between the top and bottom knives to control, steer and reproduce. This results in a stable point of intersection with permanently optimized cutting edge quality and a significant increase in service life.

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Über uns



DIENES ist der weltweite Spezialist für industrielle Schneidlösungen.

Gegründet 1913 ist DIENES marktführend in den Bereichen Lang- und Rundmesser, Messerhalter und Schneidsysteme für die industrielle Anwendung sowie Innovationspartner für Plattenventile und Regler. Das über 100 Jahre alte, mittelständische Familienunternehmen beschäftigt weltweit ca. 500 Mitarbeiter in 7 Ländern. DIENES besitzt diverse nationale und internationale Patente und ist in den verschiedensten Branchen tätig. Mit den DIENES Messern und Messerhaltern werden die unterschiedlichsten Materialien geschnitten, geritzt oder perforiert wie z.B. Kunststoffe, Verpackungen, Etiketten, Klebeband, Batteriefolie, Nonwoven, Zellstoffe, Papier, Hülsenpapier, Aluminium, Carbon Material und vieles mehr. Eingesetzt werden die DIENES Produkte dabei u.a. im roll to roll sowie im roll to sheet Verfahren.

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