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Yaskawa at Interpack

At the Interpack trade fair, Yaskawa will use a new, compact demo cell to demonstrate how an entire packaging line can be implemented with a single controller. The system combines two articulated robots from Yaskawa’s Motoman range with various additional axes and drives. The “Singular Control” concept integrates all the components into a homogenous solution – thereby truly breathing life into the trade fair’s slogan “Best in Class Packaging Solutions.”


“Singular Control” enables robots, servo drives, inverter drives and I/O systems to be controlled using a single controller. This is possible thanks to the MP3300iec RBT compact machine controller, which is a particularly powerful addition to the MP3000 product range. Uniform application programming takes place via a single software tool (MotionWorks IEC) with standard PLCopen and Yaskawa-specific function blocks, which are available free of charge and greatly simplify system programming. The integrated functions also include visualization tools, camera systems, conveyor tracking, function blocks for picking and palletizing, as well as many more features.


Users and mechanical engineers can use this solution to integrate robots into existing architectures without the need for a programming device (teachbox) or a proprietary robot programming language. The movement sequence of the individual axes of the robot or of delta-specific and customer-specific kinematics is calculated in the controller’s firmware. The programmer can focus on the application without having to worry about the underlying complex technology.



Extensive Range of Robots for the Packaging Industry

Yaskawa also supplies a number of Motoman robots for the packaging industry. Depending on the task, these robots can handle loads ranging from less than 1 kg up to 800 kg, as well as different speeds. There are also several models designed for the food sector. These feature the letters “FGG” in their names, which stands for “Food Grade Grease,” meaning lubricants that are approved for use in the food sector. These robots have protection class IP67 and their surfaces are washable. The robots in the GP-FGG series can carry loads from 7 kg to 50 kg. The four-axis palletizing robots from Yaskawa can handle loads weighing up to 800 kg and have a range of over 3000 mm.


Yaskawa will be showcasing the fastest delta robot from the Motoman range, the Motoman MPP3S, in a cell in which the robot rapidly sorts workpieces that are placed on a turntable. This will enable Yaskawa to demonstrate the speed of the robot in a pick and place application. The 4-axis delta robot Motoman MPP3S is the compact counterpart to the larger MPP3H. On account of its slim design, the super-fast robot can be used in any application in which demanding picking tasks have to be carried out in a confined space.



Yaskawa at Interpack (May 7–13, 2020, Messe Düsseldorf):

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