Umbra Packaging S.r.l.

Umbra Packaging srl

The Umbra Packaging company in the last years, in order to consolidate its position as leader in the field of packaging solutions for dry and powder products, has set up a dedicated division for production and development of versatile bagging lines for the chemical market

(Especially for this market a brand new bagging line with a “Hygienic Design” will be available soon).

Umbra has always been receptive to customer needs, which is reflected in  innovative design, unique features and quality which are our trademark.

Our range of equipment has evolved from UP1000 “self adjusting” bag packing machine to the refined UPD-EVO and more recently new generation UPS Mini designed to suit clients who need high speed reliable production of any design/type/format of bag weighing from 300 g to 5 kg.

All packing machines have several patent pended components and systems (like filling spout, bag handling), this underlines the state-of-the-art technology and development strategy of our company.

With our full customized solution, we reached also the goal to increase at the best the reliability combinated with the high speed and decreasing the maintenance costs comparing with the equipment present in the market