Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG

Material “S”® group in XXL-sizes

From now on Murtfeldt offers its Material "S"® group - materials consisting of modified ultra-high molecular weight PE types (UHMW-PE) - also in sheet sizes of 6000 x 2500 mm. In addition to the established Original Material "S"® green®/natural and black, particularly Original Material "S" plus+® ESD, Original Material "S" plus+® GB, Material "S"® 1000 and all other coloured Original Material "S"® types complement the new delivery programme. The thicknesses range from 8 - 80 mm.

Not only final products like curves or other large-sized finished parts, rings or format sets, but also pre-cuts can ideally be produced from the new sizes. They allow customers greater flexibility for the production of pre-cuts while reducing off-cuts at the same time - such as Murtfeldt can.

The fully automated panel-sizing saw offers these new possibilities for an optimized production of pre-cuts, so that also sizes of 6000 x 1250 mm, 3000 x 1250 mm or 1000 x 2500 mm can be offered.

Another newly installed planing system enables to plane widths up to 2700 mm and lengths of 6000 mm. Consequently, large-sized planed sheets can be used for further machining.

It will bring further advantages for the paper industry which requires Original Materials "S" plus+® GB in "XXL"-sizes. The glass-filled material with a smooth gliding and at the same time hard surface has successfully proven itself in very abrasive surroundings. In the lining sector, bunkers, silos etc. can be lined appropriately and butt welds can be reduced when using sheets in bigger dimensions. The fully automated production including planing and cutting facilities guarantees consistently high qualities.

Although almost all countries in the world refer to the metric system, inch based sheet sizes are still very popular in USA, Australia and numerous Asian countries. Standards are not 2 x 1 m or 3 x 1 m but 4 x 10 ft or 8 x 20 ft.