Benhil GmbH

Compact wrapping machine with highest filling precision

IMA Benhil presents a new wrapping machine, the "Multipack 2000", for pasty products, i.e. butter, margarine, edible fats, cream cheese etc. This machine is also noted for its extremely compact dimensions and great robustness. Short changeover times and a broad dosing range make the fully automatic wrapping machine extremely flexible.

"Multipack 2000" produces up to 100 packs per minute depending on the product to be filled. The dosing range is from 50g to 500g. Different filling amounts and different products can be processed with short changeover times. The machine's exceptional filling accuracy is remarkable. This is s= 0.5 g for quantity < 250 g.

 "Multipack 2000" can be operated in its standard design with all packaging materials currently used for wrap packaging. The machine can also be equipped for other materials upon request.