VinTellox compund for wine closures

In the form of VinTellox®, Actega DS presents a PVC/PVDC-free and FDA/EU-conformant sealant solution for wine, sparkling wine and champagne. VinTellox® is distinguished by a low level of migration, perfect closing and outstanding sensory characteristics as well as controlled oxygen input. Furthermore, pressure retention and side impact resistance tests have displayed significantly higher pressure retention values compared to conventional sealing discs as well as outstanding closure tightness. VinTellox® therefore represents the right answer for the wine market which is actively seeking alternative solutions to natural and synthetic corks, aluminum closures with sealing discs or glass corks. In particular, with regard to improved closure properties, excellent pressure retention and the possibility of various controlled oxygen permeations.

Unlike inserted sealing discs which cannot compensate for the possibility of defective bottle mouths, the VinTellox® sealing compound is punched with an additional profile in the aluminum closure during the compression molding process. This guarantees optimal sealing even where differing bottle mouth qualities prevail.

Long-term tests have proven that even under very warm storage conditions, no leaks were reported. The opening values displayed lower and more constant values than when conventional sealing discs were used.