Customers manufacturing items from plastic have to fulfill many applicable prerequisites and guidelines specified by legislative bodies, whether there are regulations governing contact with food, safety requirements on toys, medical grade standards, the requisite quality assurance and quality control systems or declarations of conformity. In an effort to provide comprehensive advice in this matter, we are obliged to not only focus on the actual item to be manufactured and the respective suitable tool, but also take a detailed look at its intended purpose/use, the varnishes or coatings required, and the designated packaging (and processing thereof). Only then can legal conformity be achieved along the entire supply chain.

E.g. food safety. Many regulations, guidelines and standards govern the legal requirements to be satisfied by all materials and items coming into contact with food. Raw materials must satisfy specified purity criteria, for example. Migration limit values must be observed. The traceability of materials must be guaranteed at all levels of the supply chain. Production must apply good manufacturing practices. Quality assurance and quality control systems must be established. After all, companies distributing products which come into contact with food must ensure that exclusively legally conformant products enter the market. This not only applies for packaging but also for a wide variety of products. From food storage containers through chopping boards, plates, mixing bowls, knife handles or drinking cups – if an item manufactured from plastic comes into contact with food in any way, these legislations, specifications, regulations and limit values also need to be known and adhered to.

Actega DS, specialized in the manufacture of TPE plastic granulates, offers a range of innovative TPE materials certified for applications which come into contact with food, for example, whereby sensitively attributing importance to dispensing with plasticizers as well as adhering to all specifications and limit values prescribed by the EU or the FDA. In the form of ProvaMould®, a portfolio of plastic granulates for personal care and consumer goods items as well as for toys is available. These TPE formulae are individually colorable and eminently suitable for processing via injection-molding. And they comply with the requirements on good grip and non-slip properties, for example.

What applies for the raw materials for manufacturing the items outlined above also applies for coatings for packaging print which complies with foodstuffs regulations. For this reason, Actega Terra offers dispersion coatings for food packaging made of paper and cardboard under the FoodSafe® brand which satisfies special quality features, i.e.:

They are low-migration and fall short of the global migration limit of 60mg/kg.

They have been examined by accredited test laboratories and certified for direct contact with dry and fatty foodstuffs.

FoodSafe® coatings are conformant with the Swiss Commodity Ordinance and exclusively contain substances included in its positive list.

In addition, these coatings dispense with undesirable constitutional components such as mineral oils (MOSH, MOAH), heavy metals or phthalates.

The portfolio not only includes classic coatings for folded boxes, but also numerous functional coatings.

Furthermore, Actega Terra offers a portfolio of ToySafe® coatings for toy packaging coatings which conform with legislation governing toy products. They dispense with Bisphenol A, heavy metals, benzophenone and plasticizers, are conformant with the applicable standards, guidelines and regulations for toy safety, have been tested and certified by accredited test laboratories.

Also the ProvaMould® compounds, available for these applications, comply with the regulations, guidelines and defined safety requirements, and do not contain any heavy metals, plasticizers, PAK PAH or nitrosamines.