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  • 03  Maschinen und Anlagen zur Herstellung von Süßwaren (Schokoladenprodukte, Zuckerwaren, Kaugummi)
  • 03.01  Komplettanlagen zur Herstellung von Süßwaren (Schokoladenprodukte, Zuckerwaren, Kaugummi)
  • 03.01.12  Komplettanlagen zur Herstellung von Süßwaren / Schaumzuckerwaren
  • 03  Maschinen und Anlagen zur Herstellung von Süßwaren (Schokoladenprodukte, Zuckerwaren, Kaugummi)
  • 03.02  Einzelmaschinen/-anlagen zur Herstellung von Süßwaren (Schokoladenprodukte, Zuckerwaren, Kaugummi)
  • 03.02.01  Belüftungsanlagen für Einzelmaschinen/-anlagen zur Herstellung von Süßwaren

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Produktkategorie: Komplettanlagen zur Herstellung von Süßwaren / Schaumzuckerwaren

Regardless of whether the product is marshmallows, biscuit dough, waffles or dairy products – foam technology determines the quality of many modern products.

Whether chocolate foam kisses or marshmallows, fruit jellies or baked goods, mayonnaise or mustard – Hansa Mixer aerates, foams, mixes and transforms all ingredients into a taste sensation. Our foaming technology in particular distinguishes many products from the competition. With our sophisticated inline procedure we achieve a smooth and light consistency in every desired variation – from super airy to extra creamy. Once the recipe is put down in writing, the quality remains exactly the same with every product. This not only creates reliability, but reduces production costs at the same time.

Your advantages:

• Absolute quality assurance thanks to continuous inline production
• No left-over quantities and no danger of microbial contamination as in batch processes – thanks to inline dosing of ingredients like flavourings and dyes shortly before processing or filling the products exactly as described in the recipe
• Option of CIP and SIP cleaning after production
• Complete control thanks to automatic recording of all processes

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Produktkategorie: Belüftungsanlagen für Einzelmaschinen/-anlagen zur Herstellung von Süßwaren

Mechanical foams: Synthetically manufactured materials with alveolate structure and low density. Nearly all fluids are foamable.

of sponge dough for cakes and Swiss roll-products,
of fillings for TK-cakes, e.g. based on cream or rich creams
of dough masses for crisp bread
Continuous dosing and mixing
of aroma and dyes
of chocolate in sponge dough.

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Über uns


Hansa Mixer is one of the leading providers of mixing machines and foam generators for the food and non-food industry world-wide. More than 2,000 customers in over 120 countries trust our nearly forty years of experience, our reliable quality and our comprehensive service. Of the more than 5,000 systems that we have produced in Stuhr near Bremen to date, most are still in use today.

Whether mattresses and clothing, carpets and artificial turf or medications and tooth paste – Hansa Mixer wins you over with maximum material conservation at uniformly highly product quality. The secret to our success is in each case a customised inline-process for mixing and foaming. The integration of our machines into existing plants is only completed after careful analysis of the conditions and the planned tasks on-site. This is the only way we can maximise all potential savings for you and guarantee a rapid return-on-investment.

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