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Packaging Technology Courses

IPI offers a series of four clearly focused seminars in packaging technology. Each delivers  comprehensive technological background in the respective subject (packaging material, packaging machines, food packaging as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging) and includes learning sessions of 3 - 6 days, held in 1 - 2 blocks.

The seminars are suitable for new employees in the packaging industry, specialists who want to broaden their knowledge and for employees with practical experience who are looking to upgrade and update their technological knowledge. As a result, the seminars are equally suitable for technical staff and engineers in production, R&D, procurement, product management and sales.

Each seminar can be booked individually and either as a whole block or by the day.

 Seminar: Basics in Packaging Materials
Aim and Benefits
• To gain an overview and understanding of packaging materials
• To become aware of the current capability and use of technology in the sector
• To be able to assess time-to-market reliably by ensuring selection of the most suitable packaging material for a particular application

• Market Overview
• Materials Fundamentals, Finishing
• Basics of Packaging Design
• Packaging Printing
• Functional Surfaces and Composites
• Legislation
• Testing Processes and Factory Visit


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The International Packaging Institute IPI is recognized throughout the industry as a leading Competence Centre for packaging and was established by well-known international corporations in the packaging industry, partnered with highly respected universities, and working in close cooperation with sector associations and a unique pool of experts. IPI is also supported by the state of Schaffhausen and the Swiss Federal Government.

The objectives of IPI International Packaging Institute are to provide training of the highest quality for managers in the international packaging industry, to be a technological hub between the packaging industry and the packing industry as well as for the related scientific and technological institutions and last but not least to strengthen and widen the technological leadership position of the packaging industry in the strategic cluster located at the heart of Europe, around Schaffhausen and Lake Constance.

IPI offers a Master of Engineering in Packaging Technology, four seminars in packaging technology (Packaging Materials, Packaging Machines [held in English], Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Packaging and Food Packaging [held in German]), various expert seminars in specific subjects such as bio-based barrier packaging materials, maximising the availability of packaging lines, migration and legal requirements, sealing technologies, as well as individual tailor-made seminars directed at the specific needs of companies.

IPI's Events focus on hot topics in the industry such as the Circular Economy, Top Developments in the packaging industry, Sustainability, Print Standards and Regulatory Issues. Your participation in an IPI event is always a good opportunity to develop new ideas and to extend your packaging network. For detailed Information, please visit our website.

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