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OYSTAR Benhil delivers a record breaker to Milkon Südtirol

OYSTAR Benhil delivers a record breaker to Milkon Südtirol
The Milkon Südtirol diary cooperative is modernizing its creamery. Playing a role in this is the Multipack 3000 that was presented by OYSTAR Benhil for the first time at interpack in May 2011. As the world's most versatile unicellular filling and wrapping machine for pasty products, it assures higher productivity and a greater competitive edge.

A newly equipped Milkon Südtirol creamery will be brought into operation in Bolzano, Italy, in January 2012. Also playing a part in this plant modernization is a real record breaker, the Multipack 3000 from OYSTAR Benhil. With its output of 100 packages per minute and a format flexibility of 50 to 1000 g, it is the world's most versatile single cell filling and wrapping machine for pasty products. The Mila brand of sweet cream butter and cultured butter will be packaged at Milkon Südtirol.

The Multipack 3000 is equipped with a CIP dosing device, thus satisfying the highest hygiene standards. Furthermore, the filling and wrapping machine is remarkable for its precise filling accuracy and high degree of availability. Thanks to its modular design, it can be re-equipped within just a short amount of time, thus clearly increasing the cost-effectiveness for Milkon Südtirol.

The product is fed by means of a direct connection to the upstream plant with a corresponding exchange of signals. The Multipack 3000 can alternatively also be equipped with a trough with separately driven feed worms or with a product hopper with or without a press worm. For optimum package output, a filling level control device was installed on the dosing unit and an infinitely variable compression force adjustment of the calibrating station was implemented. Subsequent adaptations to suit other wrapping materials and formats for all variants of the bottom or length side fold are also perfectly possible.

Besides the new Multipack 3000, Milkon Südtirol is already using several filling and sealing machines from OYSTAR Hamba in the production of semi-solid and agitated yogurt with or without fruit pieces. Furthermore, the dairy cooperative uses a filling and sealing machine for preformed bottles for drinking yogurt or smoothies and several end-of-line packing systems from OYSTAR A+F.

Source: Oystar Benhill

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